Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin – Is it worth buying if you own it on old gen consoles?

scholar of the first sin pic06/10/2015
2 hours in…

Having trawled through the early game a dozen times with new character builds and on NG+, (Which is new game plus, i.e, start again with the same character with more challenges) the new enemies and enemy placements were a shock which made me cautious rather than blasé. After an unaccounted for turtle soldier joined a sparring match I was having with a pair of  hollowed pikemen I began to double check my corners. The changes also renewed the sense of tension which can only be awoken by a souls game, and despite knowing largely what is to come each challenge seems fresh. One thing that hasn’t changed is the scarcity of Estus flasks, and I’m going to have to consult the same wikis again to find some more before I tackle the newly darkened No-Man’s Wharf! Very much looking forward to playing some of the DLC content which is completely new to me!!
the lost sinner
6.5 hours in…
So my Dad walked in and I told him I was off to face ‘a big boss’. My character progression as always has dabbled in just about everything, (except intelligence, because who needs that?) meaning my ginger haired barbarian now fancies himself as a spearman/bowman/miracle worker, in reality weakening my character and making the game harder for myself. True to form the monsters in Sinners Rise had changed somewhat but maybe for the easier this time as the Flexile Sentry can be casually cheesed in the doorway to the elevator. My confidence swelled and my Dad made himself comfortable on the beanbag next to me. I lit the torches to make the boss battle doable, then walked mysteriously through the mist gate. 3 attacks later and I was dead, the lost sinner with 100% health. It took a further 2 deaths to re-learn the move set but I had to utterly absorb myself, and this is when dark souls is a make or break. I can see some people would leave the game there and move onto something less needlessly punishing. You’ve got to have patience in the face of harsh difficulty to come out victorious with your 20 Gamerscore and a well deserved fragrant branch of yore…
On a side note, feeling like a bit of a grind to get to the DLC at the mo, taking a couple of days to check out the Battlefront Beta.

21st October
12 hours in…
My journey toward the crowns DLC has been full of hardships in areas which I breezed past in my last playthrough. My latest struggle lasted an entire day where Mytha the Baleful Queen, who fell to my gigantic greatsword first time without destroying the windmill, caused me to completely re-evaluate my character before giving up completely and choosing the easy option as found on the Dark Souls 2 Wiki page (which I will increasingly use). Since my last post I have been playing with different weapons now that I finally understand the scaling. Coming back to the game and developing a new character build has introduced new items and tactics which were either not needed or not available to my other characters. Weilding a long spear or halberd helped fend off a couple of enemies from a distance but it didn’t provide the same monstrous damage which a sword was capable of. On the other hand I found using the twin blade was effective in a different way and usually when facing only one enemy, especially an enemy prone to getting staggered by the fast paced attacks.
I find that I am still enjoying the game but I can’t play it too much because of its intensity. I spent about half an hour trying to acquire the Heidi knight spear by continually killing the knight on the way back from the Cathedral of Blue but it eventually ceased to spawn and refused to relinquish its spear! As frustrating the game is however I can feel it drawing me back in, and I can almost hear the taunts of the yet undefeated bosses.


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