Star Wars battlefront beta


Oh my god was I excited for this game when it was announced? YES. And was I upset when it looked to be cancelled? YES. And was the fire rekindled (sorry dark souls language) when I saw the gameplay footage at E3? ABSOLUTELY. However it has been difficult to stay excited for this game considering the hammering the gaming community have given it for lack of features, coining it as the next titanfall. Well that would be fine with me because I loved titanfall… After playing the Beta these doubts were completely quelled as I was transported back in time to all the times I played Battlefront and Battlefront 2 on my xbox and to all the countless times I watched all 3 original trilogy movies in as many days.

– The game feels very smooth, it has been well finished and the controls are very accessible for 1st person shooter pros and people who just don’t play. The implementation of hip-fire gameplay makes it feel fresh and makes it less of a skill based game and more of a fun arcade shooter.
– It reminds me of the old battlefront games!! The choice of having a 3rd person mode and the huge authentic battlefields as well as just the way it plays reminds me of the old games but with huge improvements.
– Drop zone especially was a LOT of fun and provided an actual incentive to complete the objectives unlike so many other objective based shooter game modes. Capturing the pod was satisfying and the fact there is only one which moves keeps people moving about the map around the same objective meaning that there is less camping and more intense 1 on 1s.
– The nods to the old movies is most obvious in the Hoth map and on the AI mode. The battle seems to perfectly portray the Empire Strikes back feeling of inevitability as the huge walkers move toward the shield generator. The helpless feeling you get as a rebel is probably similar to what the guys in the trenches were getting. You are not as helpless as all that though, and, being such a huge map means that getting air support is easy if you coordinate, most of the empire are just sitting on the hills wracking up kills anyway.
– Lastly the coop wave based Survival missions adds a bit of variety taking the player away from the competitive intensities of multiplayer and making the storm troopers about as accurate as they are in the movies (not very), but retaining the satisfyingly smooth gameplay.

– The wave based mode on the beta didn’t show much variety. Like on the Advanced Warfare wave based mode there are some cool features and the AI are getting more and more intelligent. However after playing it twice with my dad neither of us had any desire to replay it. They need to take a page out of COD zombies books in my opinion by adding incentives and abilities in the higher levels to keep people coming back and trying to beat their scores. Also a strong leaderboard layout will be important to motivate people to compete.
– Walker Assault was very impressive but it seemed a lot less frustrating being the almighty Empire with their gigantic AT ATs and AT STs (chicken walkers). Although there are a number of ways to take the walkers out this takes the attention off the bloodthirsty opposition who will spawn kill you constantly if you are not a storm trooper. I’m not saying the game is unbalanced, but it caused me to get ridiculous K/Ds as the Empire (like 50-6) and negative K/Ds as the Rebel Alliance, as a general trend.
– The perk cards were a good idea, I think there needs to be a bit of balancing especially with the sniper, that is one insane weapon at the mo, but the issue I had in the beta was I couldn’t apply the middle ability card. I might just be being a newbie, but I think this should be more obvious.

Other than that it looks like possibly the best game to come out this year despite the vast competition and I cannot wait to get my hands on the full game. I apologise for all the game companies who’s games get neglected because of this one!


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