Pneuma – A Breath of Life

Pneuma is November’s free game on xbox live gold, RRP £16.99. The price tag initially caused me to download it straight away just because free pricey stuff has to be good! This brief review is partly for those who have the opportunity to get the game for free, but also for those thinking of investing £16.99 on an indie game.

Pneuma grew on me, and then abruptly said “sorry thats it” and closed up shop just as it had me hooked. I finished the game in about 2 hours, which was surprisingly fine, but only because I didn’t spend hard earned money on it! The game attracted me because it was different, it was a non violent puzzler with beautiful architecture and lighting. The protagonist is a disembodied voice of a person who thinks he is God and who is able to influence the world by simply looking at things. The voice acting could be considered borderline annoying, and although the dialogue seems like nonsense there is a number of deeper concepts which are approached especially toward the end game. One overarching influence seems to be Religion, (which goes hand in hand with the fact the protagonist thinks he’s a deity!). From the difficulty of the game I assumed the target audience was children and teenagers, however the end scene especially seemed a little bit weird as the protagonist begins to realise you are there in the control seat.

One odd thing for me was the gamer score system which rewarded me with 10x the amount it should have, it seemed like a cheap way of getting you to continue playing even if it worked on me at first. The first couple of levels were a bit too easy and didn’t hook me, however as they got more difficult I found myself drawn to the next puzzle.

The length of the game would put me off buying the game but it has been a great in between game for me when I need a break from halo 5. The puzzles are interesting and novel, if a bit easy in places but the game has been well thought out, even if I found the protagonist a bit annoying and creepy!

Rating: 6.5/10


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