Battlefront: An idiots guide to Heros vs Villains

Ahhhh Heros vs Villains… What a game! When I originally posted my first impressions blog I hadn’t tried out the hero modes. It just goes to show that reading reviews and blogs can actually tarnish your expectations; so when I tried the game my expectations were imploded (thermally). Heros vs Villains follows a very simple set of rules. 6 players are part of the Galactic Empire with 3 being the  ‘villains’: Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett. The other 6 represent the Rebel Alliance with 3 being the ‘heros’: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. The aim of the game is to defeat the other teams heros or villains whilst protecting your own. Each player alternates between being an ordinary infantry soldier and a hero/villain. It is clear that the game mode was made with pure fun in mind rather than competitive, balanced play. However it always astounds me how many suicidal Luke Skywalkers I see who fail to grasp the tactics involved. This blog post is directly targeted towards the gung-ho heros and overly cautious soldiers I’ve had to play with.

The Heros

Luke Skywalker

Possibly the most visible hero on the battlefront; Luke’s iconic green lightsaber and ability to leap 4 metres in the air from standing makes him a fast and tricky character to play against, especially when he gets the jump on you. My advice for playing as Luke however is to defend Leia. Often it is best to do this by loitering near her pop-up shield but out of view so a stray Darth Vader might see Leia as an easy target. Get the first hit on Vader and he essentially gets stuck in a stagger animation, its heart wrenching being on the recieving end though! Another reason for sticking with Leia is because you receive further protection from her powerful Aldeerian Honor Guards which the 3 non-hero players may spawn as provided Leia lives. Luke is powerful at short range against troops but you must remember to block, else a single troop could knock your health down a meaty chunk. Don’t run into open spaces without protection, and try not to take on more than 1 villain. Luke is strong against Palpatine, but watch out for his shock troopers!

Han Solo

Han Solo uses his famous blaster pistol which is hugely effective at close range. Accompany that with his ability to avoid weapon overheating and he is a formidable villain killer. He has little in the way of protection, so is weak against any weapon, but as long as you keep to the margins of battles you can rack up a disgusting amount of kills. Again, keep Leia safe, but remember that you are packing the most punch, so hiding too much can be the wrong course of action. Try as much as possible to flank villains or take them on whilst they are occupied. If noticed, use the shoulder barge to cause a decent bit of damage. The charged shot should only be used when you are guaranteed a hit, this ability can be a game changer if used correctly.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia is your most important character. She holds a standard E-11 blaster which can easily take care of grunts at a variety of ranges, she also has a powerful shot ability which can be used to stagger villains and cause them obscene amounts of damage. Her other abilities are however the most useful. She provides a large bubble shield which can be set down anywhere giving cover in an open area, she also has a heal drop which should be used as soon as it is ready, even if you don’t need to heal yet! If you are communicating with the other heros you can often heal the more aggressive players (provided they survive), this is a very powerful tactic, especially if you are hidden well enough to heal a number of times. It is also useful to put the bubble shield down then run to another corner of the map. This throws people off your scent (so to speak), even if the effects of the tactic aren’t imminently clear. The biggest tip I can give as Leia is to stay at the peripherals of combat. Far enough so people don’t target you, but near enough so the ridiculously overpowered honor guards are never far from the enemy. The more honor guard spawns you get, the more damage they will cause to the enemy. Honor guards, much like the Imperial shock troopers, have a smart rocket and a lock on launcher which can cause absolute havok to villains. They have about 3x more life and their blasters are more powerful and have a longer overheat time. As soon as Leia dies, no more honor guards may spawn.

The Villains

Emperor Palpatine

Image result for battlefront han solo

The most vulnerable but the most important Villain. Once Palpatine is dead, the others will follow closely. Extremely weak against honor guards, Palpatine MUST stay away from Princess Leia, unless she is unguarded. Its best to just avoid combat altogether and rely on your shock trooper buddies to drain the hero’s health. Remember its not all about getting kills, Han Solo can kill 30 of your troops and you can win the game by sitting in a corner sipping a milkshake. Only attack from the side with Palpatine. A full frontal assault is only beneficial if you surprise the heros and constantly electricute them. Try to space out the attacks so your force lighting doesn’t overheat. The diving ep. 3 creepy ability is only useful in closing distances and running away (which you should be doing), it doesn’t cause anyone damage. You attacks are close range, so don’t bother occupying open spaces, hide in tunnels and ambush people, be that guy.

Darth Vader

The character I still haven’t got the hang of. His lightsaber throw is lethal when it hits, and the force choke is useful for taking out rebel pests. You are the juggernaut of the team, take the bullets that are fired at Palpatine and try to deflect them. In a 1 on 1 with Luke its a matter of whomever hits first, so make sure thats you. Just be aware you are the second coolest looking person (Boba Fett… obviously) on the battlefield, and the number 1 most domineering. Use your agressive abilities, but try to avoid open combat as much as you can. As soon as you get up close to Han or Leia you should kill them easily, just watch out for an unexpected appearance from your son, you’ve watched the movies (I hope).

Boba Fett

You never have so much freedom playing battlefront as you do with Boba Fett. You can jet pack in and out of any combat situation, harrying the enemy with your rockets. When running away use the jetpack to jump up and down making you are harder target. If forced into a melee remember your flame thrower, it wrecks everything if aimed true. Your worst enemy is Luke if he can keep up with you. Leia and Han can just be sniped. Boba Fett is your support class, dispensable, but hugely damaging if used right. My favorite thing to do is to go rogue, run off on my own (like any good bounty hunter), and hit them from the side, then jet pack away again. You can avoid being hit as Boba Fett if you play your cards right, but remember its much easier if Palpatine is alive!

The most useful advice I can give is don’t worry about your kill/death ratio! The worst thing you can do as a regular soldier is to hide and pick people off. The best idea strangely is to go get yourself killed ASAP so that you have an opportunity to spawn as a strong support soldier (honor guard or shock trooper). Although heros and villains do a tonne of damage, the honor guards especially are lethal. If you are one then its in your best interests to keep the heros at arms length and protect them where you’re not in immediate danger. On the other hand if you see a shock trooper or honor guard on the enemy team, take them out before they can target your heros!
Another bit of advice is, if you are a jedi you are not invincible… Remember Attack of the Clones, go crazy and take a platoon of enemy soldiers on and you won’t last long. The game changes depending on how idiotic your team mates are as the heros basically. For example, if 2/3 die quickly, it is best to lower your expectations of the round. Stay alive and let your team bring the heros health down. If you can level up the match to 1 v 1, a tie is sometimes the best result. Don’t get carried away and get yourself killed for no reason as the final hero.
Although this blog post has been a bit tactical I don’t think I’ve emphasised just how hilarious this game mode can be. We’re talking Leia taking on Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, two of the biggest threats in the galaxy, and killing them with a couple of good timed charge shots. We’re talking taking a running leap with Luke Skywalker and clearing half the map and giving the enemy team a jump of their own. Pitting some of the most famous star wars characters against each other has never been so much fun. Battlefront is worth a buy JUST for this game mode!


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