The Best of Halo 5: Guardians

Halo-5-Multiplayer.jpgSince October 27th I haven’t gone a week without playing Halo 5 Guardians. Which I think is quite a compliment to the game, considering the jam packed Q4 release schedule last year. Through time I have been recording moments that have either made me laugh, or made me bathe in my own brilliance (where I stand still for a second on a clip; that totally isn’t me shouting ‘xbox record that!’ at the kinect multiple times to get it to record, Bish will back me up…).  So without further ado, here are a few videos I’ve put together on Windows Movie Maker of my favorite moments, apologies for the amateur video making. Also sorry for the cheese, I just got so carried away with the captions and sound effects, forgive me, please.

Funny Recorded Moments

A bit of explanation maaaaay be needed in some of the clips (feel free to skip this bit):
Clip 1: My one and only try at coop campaign and Bish manages to get himself stuck in a wall. He comes over and tells me to record it so he can watch it back. But I couldn’t just stand there and NOT shoot him in the face could I?
Clip 2: Playing some social big team battle and I saw this guy on the mini-map, so I decided to go all James Bond and sneak up on him. I did not realise quite how effective the melee attack would be with the incineration cannon though.
Clip 3: Riding around in a warthog without a gunner, not the most effective way to take out the final boss in Warzone (the Warden Eternal). However if you take the enemy team by surprise by driving from their base, and you have a recipe for either utter failure or a hilarious triple kill.
Clip 4: The key moment in the early game is to grab the overshield. This can often result in an early lead for your team because it practically triples your shield health. So when I successfully defeated the overshield guy in a 1 on 1, I had to record that!
Clip 5: Simple as, I saw a teammate in trouble and it ended my more favorably than I could have anticipated!
Clip 6: Same map, back in the warthog, I thought I was dead meat after the ghost started nailing me. One unlikely thing, I actually managed to get inside without crashing into the entrance, the second was by the time he crash landed behind me my shield had recharged and I reversed the situation to by surprise.
Clip 7: I wasn’t really thinking, maybe I should avoid thinking if that kind of thing happens!
Clip 8: It just felt like people would rather jump off the edge than risk getting killed in a 1 on 1, suited me though!
Final Clip: Playing Warzone, I attempted to run someone down in a ghost and he acted like a coiled spring sending me clean over the rock I was next to, I doubt that needed explaining though…

Kills Montage

There are far too many clips to bore you with commentary. But if you watch the end you get the more awesome clips accompanied by some more intense music. I found youtube audio library with a load of instrumental tracks which I liked. This video was probably most fun to make. You might also notice I tend to record mostly sniping, its just so damn satisfying!

Favorite moments

I picked 5 of my favorite moments from my roster of videos and stuck them together and put some better known heavy metal in the background. I’m pretty sure copyright allows it!

Clip 1: Capture the flag, I hold the flag and their entire team has flocked around our base, which is where I need to be. Picking up a nice double kill within 2 bullets was one thing, but the clip took the icing due to the fact the game was won from the capture. (Has anyone noticed I use baking analogies far too often? Nope just me then.)

Clip 2: Shotty snipers, meaning everyone has a shotgun and a sniper as their primary and secondary weapons. Picking off 3 people looked awesome, but it was the fact that any of the 3 could have taken me out with THEIR sniper.

Clip 3: More sniping. This one was in a match against some absolute Halo pros, this was the only good moment in it, we got smashed. But the moment itself was great! The jump snipe followed by the melee was good. What I loved however was that I accidentally recorded the first kill. An absolute kill steal from 3 of my team-mates, including Bish, sorry Bish…

Clip 4: Through the fire and flames begins with a jump snipe followed by a moving snipe and a tidy last headshot to win the hat-trick. That so nearly got the number 1 spot.

Clip 5: Capture the flag, the enemy team rushes our base, grabbing the flag and completely ignoring the little gnat which is myself. So I follow the 4 of them and take them all out without a whole lot of help from my team. A rare overkill medal for me, and probably my most euphoric moment playing Halo 5: Guardians.

Its unlikely I’ll record enough new moments in the future on this game to make another montage, but I felt like I needed to document the ones I had instead of letting them slowly get deleted to make space for newer clips.

Please feel free to leave comments on my blog if there is a particular xbox game you want to hear more about. I recently bought Forza 6 and Rare Replay, both of which my Dad and I have had some fun with, but I haven’t scratched the surface of either because of all these incredible first person shooters I keep going back to!

Thanks for reading and watching anyways!


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