Dark Souls 3 – Agony Diary Entry 1

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

I pre-ordered Dark Souls 3 (DS3) yesterday. Not because I wanted the pre-order benefits of having a free code for Dark Souls 1 (I have the game already thanks…), but because I needed to do something in an attempt to feed my anticipation.

This kind of blogging format didn’t seem to work for Scholar of the First Sin mainly because I had too many other games I wanted to play, and I didn’t fancy grinding out a new character to get to the DLC areas – what a waste of money I know. But I’m going to remain optimistic, despite the definite possibility I’ll forget to blog, and end up finishing the game first. I’m going to keep entries as individual posts this time though to avoid the scrolling pains.

Briefly what I’m looking forward to though? Relearning the new gameplay mechanics; facing overwhelmingly gruesome foes; getting killed so many times that I learn each and every area by heart; and boasting afterwards about how I completed the game (tactfully leaving out the part about me dying 20,000 times, and having to use walkthrough wikis in 75% of the areas and boss fights).

Saying that though, I will TRY to do as much as possible without help, and document my woes publicly for all to see!

Entry 2 link:



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