Having Too Much Fun With the Slow-Motion Function

I like to think with each video I make, my editing skills get more and more unbelievable. Of course each and every one of you knows that a 10 year old could have made a better video, but I’m still having a great time trying!

Slow Motion

I’ve been wanting to inject a bit of variety in my clips and add in some visual effects or something similar, but I’m still testing out the limitations of ‘Windows Movie Maker’. Yesterday I was tinkering around with a few of my Battlefield clips and I found the speed tool which can enable you to fast forward parts of the clips or emphasise others using slow motion. With Battlefield Hardline being naturally too fast to watch, at times anyway, I thought I’d slow down some sections to add a bit of drama. I will happily admit that putting the music over the top kind of ruins the effect, but the quick scope clip especially works a treat.

Youtube Audio Library

This is where I get all my music clips. Choosing just a few to put in is probably the hardest task… But if you watch ’til the end, I think you’ll agree that the last song works an absolute treat. (To get onto Youtube Library from your Youtube account, just click on ‘My Channel’  and then at the top of the screen it says ‘Video Manager’ and its on the side bar under ‘Create’.

Was this an excuse to post my Youtube video on wordpress?

Yes. Undoubtedly. I could write another blog about how amazing Battlefield is, and how I’m really anticipating Battlefield 5; but you don’t want to hear the prior, and I’m not even ready for the next game yet! Still enjoying this one thanks!


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