Agony Diary – 3: The Crystal Sage

Amount of:

  • Hours Played: 10.5
  • Times killed by Crystal Sage: 20+
  • Genuine frustration: A lot.
  • Crabs slain to vent my fury: dozens, the poor souls.

The Road of Sacrifice where I rounded off last time was a relatively straight-forward area to navigate. Keep out of the swamp if you know what’s good for you, and don’t ever take the crucifix carrying enemies for granted, they are faster than you – this I found out to my peril.

Despite the multitudes of log wielding locals, the forest along the swamp edge is probably the safest place I’ve been in so far. The feel of the whole area is very mystical, even if the path’s namesake is painfully obvious. It’s clear that some pretty messed up stuff happens here so I still trod lightly. The heady, thick atmosphere is conveyed through the bizarre enemies, but most importantly through the boss.

crystal sage.jpgThe Crystal Sage is the ‘Pinwheel’ of Dark Souls 1 mixed with a bit of the ‘Moonlight Butterfly’. It combines the panic of having multiple decoy enemies (Pinwheel) with the one-hit-dead magic of the Moonlight Butterfly. Getting it’s health down by at least half is a piece of cake, but after a certain point the Crystal Sage teleports and multiplies itself. The fight then turns into a frantic game of dodgeball-meets-bulldog where 5 Sage’s attack you from all directions with a barrage of assorted spells; you must roll about and bop each on the head, trying to find the real one. Invest too much time putting damage into the real Sage and the others will insta-kill you.

For those stuck on this boss, it is probably because you are a mage yourself; the spell casting time is never quick enough, even with ‘Great Combustion’ (which is like 0.3 seconds). I found the most effective method was to run about two-handing my sword, leaving my shield at home because one spell will instantly knock your guard down and stagger you. I just went online to confirm the name of the boss and saw an article saying it’s easy. Please completely disregard this, but take note that any sign of weakness will be immediately exploited, try to anticipate where the enemies will be and hit them before they materialise properly.

Sorry this has been a massive rant about the boss, but I just got SO stuck on it. Dark Souls 3 definitely isn’t holding my hand! On the plus side though, the fact that bosses change their combat style/ appearance mid-battle is awesome, and their lack of predictability is a magic touch which adds an element of satisfaction upon slaying them.

I had a quick mosey on further after finally defeating the Crystal Sage and found myself in a graveyard FULL of zombies. Seriously there were so many my frame rate plummeted like I was in Blight Town all over again (Play Dark Souls). Oh and they continue to replenish their numbers; my fingers are itching to look for a wiki guide but I just can’t get help this early!!


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