Is DOOM Doomed-‘Part-time Gamer’ interview

I’m delighted to announce that for my first collaborate blog  Jack (Part-Time Gamer) is joining me to talk about Bethesda Studio’s new FPS game: DOOM. Jack is a dedicated gaming and entertainment blogger with a growing community of support, so please check out his posts to get your fix of recent gaming news and gossip; where my own blog runs a little dry.

We’ve both had a bit of time over the weekend to play the beta; and we cordially invite you to join us in the debate concerning the DOOM experience so far!

Bold text = Jack
Regular text = Moi

“What were your thoughts on how the game played first and foremost? How did it feel?”

“The feel of the game is surprisingly smooth. For a game which boasts brutal takedowns and outrageous weapons it was quite floaty. The movement is fast and reminiscent of Halo, and the shot detection is good. It’s also a nice touch getting to see the amount of damage in numerical form, almost like in a Jrpg. It wasn’t gritty, but it flowed, and I found myself enjoying the pacing.”

“Yes I absolutely agree, all of the player movement felt smooth and intuitive and i felt as though it really rewarded players that remained on the move. The numbers thing is becoming more and more common with games such as Destiny and the Division but it was refreshing in the DOOM beta and made things a bit more tense because I knew I was so close to killing someone so it upped the stakes a little. I do however kind of wish that the movement speed was a little faster. I’ve played the new COD and Titanfall when it was released all that time ago and those games just up the pace a little more. Secondly I thought the jumping in DOOM was clunky as hell, didn’t enjoy it.”

“I think the smooth feeling and pacing is due to the lack of sprint button. Due to the unnaturally fast player speed a sprint button might make it too fast. I can see it being an issue though: Halo is one franchise which only recently adopted the sprint ability, and that, along with other enhanced mobility traits are what makes a contemporary shooter. Its clear Bethesda are playing on our nostalgia, making a game which FEELS old but still hold up today. It’s all there, the health and ammo packs, the power-ups, the tight arena maps – I just worry that Bethesda, who make incredible single player games may be playing with sharks here.”

“Were the game modes on offer innovative in any way?”

“I’ll admit, I slacked a little. I just played the team death match one which was pretty run of the mill. What was the other one?”

“Warpath, you missed out man! If you ever played Battlefront’s ‘droid run’ mode it’s much like that with a moving objective. In my opinion it’s done much better in Doom.”

“Oh damn! I did love Droid Run in Battlefront. Is there any news regarding other game modes?”

“Not that I’m aware of. I don’t want LOTS of modes, just a few really well thought out ones, and some additional demons.”

“Additional demons would be great but if they start including them as part of DLC a la Evolve or Battlefront then I will lose my s***.”

“What do you think of the guns on offer?”

“I love the guns! They all felt satisfying, powerful and painstakingly balanced. Whilst getting hit for me doesn’t vibrate your controller enough, firing a rocket feels nice and meaty, and the shotgun is brutal. I know it’s not a gun, but I’d like to give the genius who put in the teleport grenade a pat on the back. I had some hilarious moments with that, although I suspect it may need a patch once people find out how effective it is. Have you got a favourite weapon?”

“My favourite based on pure nostalgia is the double barrel shotgun. I’m hoping it packs more of a punch in single player but obviously they can’t make it too powerful in the multiplayer portion. Yeah I felt like the controller needs to vibrate more too. In doing this they could have made every hit, every melee feel that bit more brutal which is what DOOM craves. I thought the Revenant demon was way too overpowered.”

“What are your thoughts on the customisation system?”

“I thought the customisation was interesting but nothing groundbreaking. A lot of the armor sets were awesome visually but they were nothing majorly different to the likes of Halo and it would be more innovative if they gave different abilities to the armor just to really focus on customisation. Hopefully they release new ones frequently.”

“The sets on offer didn’t really do anything for me, but some of the customisable colours were awesome. The metallic and matte colour variants are probably the only innovative thing that doesn’t stink of Halo though.”

“Do you think DOOM has enough of a niche to do well in today’s market?”

“Unfortunately, I think Doom is riding a lot on how strong nostalgia is. There are a lot of great features such as the map creator but truth be told I don’t think it is stylish enough to stand out. Titanfall was niche and that’s because it brought something original to the table. Doom does not. So, are you willing to pay £40 for this game?”

“Titanfall was incredible, Doom has some potential but I agree, there is nothing new, unless you count the Revenant demon. That’s difficult. Being a summer release it only has Overwatch and Battleborn to compete with, but having said that, I’m not bored of the countless FPS games I already own. For me a lot rides on pre-launch reviews and the campaign. I’ll definitely pick it up, but unless there is some seriously good propaganda out there, I’ll probably wait for it to drop in price. How about you?”

“I’m a sucker for buying games usually but there is a lot more out there that will probably keep me engaged more than Doom will. Mirror’s Edge releases later that month so that is number one on my list. It’s hard, as much as I enjoyed my brief time with Doom, I know there will inevitably be a price drop pretty soon after release so I’ll hold out.”

“It’s worth considering Wolfenstein, another Bethesda FPS which did really well. Hopefully Doom’s multiplayer retains a community following so that I have someone to play against in 6 months time!”

“I wouldn’t bank on it!”


Thanks for reading. If you follow Jack already you will have seen a very similar post on his blog: sorry about that! However if you enjoyed the post please do like or comment and we may do something of the kind again soon!


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