TheWildHyde Gaming Marathon Extravaganza

Surely all you gamers out there have had fleeting thoughts, in the past, about doing a gaming session with the scope… no, the magnitude to warrant an actual cause. For without a cause there would be no purpose to the suffering…

On Sunday 19th June

Time TBC – likely 9am (GMT+1)

Until the same time on Monday.

All live on Twitch:

For this valiant couch slouching adventure I could think of no one better to join me than my best friend, from Eastbourne town: Mr Tom Wilding (hence the ‘Wild’ in theWildhyde).

All money donated by you amazing people will go towards MacMillan Cancer Support, and we ourselves will donate an additional 10% of the overall raised funds!

We have some pretty interesting ideas of games to play and ways of interacting with everyone, so it would be great to get a few people involved with the chat room.

A couple of unconfirmed ideas?

  • Fouling Fifa – Tom to post soon on this!
  • Drunk Souls or Donation Souls – Punishment upon death (drink or donate)
  • Dead Space Lets Play, with noise cancelling headset – scarier than it sounds
  • And soooo many games you may or may not have seen before!

In case you didn’t fall for the little ‘cause‘ trap, my fundraising URL is:

And our team page (Let’s take a walk on the Wild Hyde!) URL is:




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