Supeeeeeeeer Meat Booooy!!!!

Guys. If you have an Xbox One OR 360 with Xbox Live Gold membership, take a second to look at the Games with Gold section, because June’s games are fantastic! If you don’t know what Games with Gold is, it’s a strong incentive to purchase gold membership (which enables online gameplay), whereby each month a few games are given freely to members, not temporarily either!

For Xbox One you can download Goat Simulator, a game I personally have been curious about for some time, for free. Then from the 16th June The Crew will be available; definitely one to pick up for Forza Horizon 2 fans, especially with a potential E3 reveal of a new installment on the horizon.

For Xbox 360 (AND backwards compatible to Xbox One) you can now download Super Meat Boy: one of the most incredible platformers I’ve ever played. Later in the month we will receive XCOM: Enemy Unknown; if you’ve read my review  you’ll know it’s a good’n.

But this isn’t a late news article on Xbox’s free games of the month! I just want to say a little bit about Super Meat Boy, a game so delightfully infuriating you’ll be up into the early hours “just finishing this last level…”

  • Characters: Basically a Mario knock off, you are a little red cube of meat trying to rescue your girlfriend, (who I assume is made of chicken since she’s pink), from an evil doctor.
  • Abilities: Super Meat Boy can sprint, jump and stick to walls all whilst leaving a slightly disturbing red smear across the levels.
  • Gameplay: Ridiculously smooth. All Mario knock off comments already forgotten. When you die it is your fault, for sure. The controls are few but the diversity in which you can traverse the environment is incredible.


  • Level design: Sadistic. There are light levels which get progressively harder, they are clever puzzles which test your intelligence as well as your ability. Then there are the dark levels… copies of the light levels but with more spikes and traps – these test your strength of character and your raw stubbornness not to give up. There are an absolute tonne of levels so don’t you worry about content.
  • Thing I love best: The fact that once you’ve completed a level you can watch every single attempt at the same time. Watch as dozens of little meat cubes succumb to exactly the same fate and then continue watching as the one lone meat boy manages to fluke it – strangely reminiscent of sex ed lessons and the sperm races…

Enough of that… I hope this has educated y’all on one of the most exceptional games on the Xbox Live Arcade. Pick it up free on Xbox live now, or go buy and Xbox and try it out when the shops open tomorrow.

Lastly a note. Tom Wilding and I are doing a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity (see blog post), so please feel free to check out my twitch on 19th June and donate (just giving) to give us the strength (inner strength) to carry on!


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