Catering for the Masses

In just 4 short days the livestream will commence. We are hoping on the one hand that loads of people will tune in on twitch and donate, but we are also hoping that not too many people join – being inherently shy people. The more people that join, the more opinions will be conveyed, therefore we need to prepare for anything. This is why as well as having a “meh, lets just play whatever we fancy” approach, we need to also make sure we have the right games for the occasion!

Aside from finding the best games, we also need to consider when to play each one. Some games require far more skill and concentration than others; skill and concentration we won’t possess after 18 hours straight of gaming…

So far our guest list have suggested:

  • “Nothing but woodcutting on runescape. 24 solid hours of it.” – We are still trying to find a witty way of coming back from that, whilst saying a firm ‘NO’.
  • Overwatch with live commentary of each hero” – Maybe our first FPS game on the list? The live commentary is confirmed, though it may lack knowledge…
  • “Anything that makes you cry like a little girl.#TeamWilding – Roya smells.
  • “Unranked to diamond” – I still don’t really understand this, however if this is a Halo reference, its safe to say Tom and I are pretty s*** at it, sorry!
  • State of decay or outlast – Strongly considering buying Outlast, however we have Dead Space, and I also have Slender on my Xbox
  • Lamb (Mr Mason) strongly suggested we play Black Ops 3

dead space

Other games we’re interested in playing are:

  • Battlefield (Hardline OR 4) – The Battlefield 1 hype train has most definitely left the station. (FPS – online)
  • Dead Space – We have a noise cancelling headset; shotgun not doing the first mission! (Horror/Action)
  • Sunset Overdrive – I can’t believe neither of us have played this! (3rd person Action/Crazy game)
  • Super Meat Boy – Devilishly hard platformer – I’ve played with Tom already, its hilarious (Platformer)
  • Forza Motorsport 6/Forza Horizon 2 – The former for 1v1s, the latter for just exploring the pristine French Riviera (Racing)
  • Fifa 16 – An absolute staple of any gaming session; watch Tom absolutely destroy me with a League 2 team against Barcelona. (Sports)
  • Rocket League – Genuinely we could probably kill half the time on this hilarious car/football mashup (Pfftt… This game transcends genres)
  • Dark Souls 3 – I’m so looking forward to forcing Tom to play this one…
  • I’m also thinking of buying South Park: The Stick of Truth – It looks hilarious, effortless humour which might be best played late in the marathon.

Please comment and share to help us create not only a game marathon we’ll enjoy, but something you yourselves want to watch!

The livestream will commence at 9am (give or take) on Sunday 19th June (this Sunday). So to all readers, please follow the link below to donate, and the link below that to tune in (on Sunday).




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