24hr Gaming Marathon- The Cause

Tom W

So me and thehydeaway are huge gaming fans, so gaming for endless hours is not something unusual for us, but doing it for 24hrs will be like stepping into the unknown. The 24hr gaming marathon, although fun, is ultimately to raise money for a cause that is very close to us, family and friends. The cause being cancer support.

Me and my family are ones to know about the terrible effects of cancer, with the first time I encountered a family member suffering it was extremely emotional. My great nan was the most kind, loving and funny person, always up beat and living like she was 20 years younger than she actually was. But then cancer came along and that’s when things changed. I witnessed her cry for the first time and was fearful of what was to come next and she was right to be because it was dreadful. I remember going to see her and she was bedridden, never had I imagined I would see her in the way she was. Unable to speak, but able to mumble a sound in response to us there, I knew she wanted to be like herself and was upset that she couldn’t. Being relatively young I wasn’t sure how bad it was but seeing other family members cry, made me realize she was close to the end. It was only a few days later and a few days prior to my birthday that she passed and I will never forget how cancer had brought her down the way it did. Since then I have had other members of family who have also passed away from the terrible disease and others that have beaten it. But I have seen in both cases how it effects the member dealing with it and the family around them and it is a truly difficult time. This is why I want to raise money for cancer support and this is why we chose Macmillan as our charity as it does just that. Anyway we can help others get the support that they need to pull through such a difficult time, will give me great satisfaction.

Tom H

Reading about Tom’s experiences of cancer really just made me stop and think about my own Grandma; how healthy her and Grandpa were before she was diagnosed with cancer. As devastating as it was seeing her slowly succumb to it, what was worse was seeing how poorly Grandpa coped with the situation. Since Grandma’s death my Mum and Uncle have been taking care of Grandpa, but for my Uncle especially things have been like a horror story. It is only now, after his wife’s (my Auntie’s) successful chemotherapy that the storm clouds are beginning to clear. You will be hard pressed to find a family which hasn’t been affected by cancer. A good friend I met at Uni had a terrible time trying to keep his family together, even being forced to take a year out to support them after his Mum tragically died of cancer.

Cancer may be more prevalent in elderly people, but a random cell mutation can occur in anyone, changing their life and the lives of those around them forever. It is the mission of Macmillan Cancer Support to help people and their families to deal with cancer; to educate, catch the early signs, and support them through every stage of the treatment and recovery. With increased awareness of cancer cases and with a stronger effort to aid those most affected both physically and emotionally people will be able to overcome cancer more easily.


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