History Should Never Be Forgotten.

When Dice announced that their next installment into the Battlefield franchise would be set in World War 1 (WW1) my interest was immediately peaked. “Finally a shooter that’s prepared to take risks!“, I thought – largely considering the gameplay of course.

With recent games getting more realistic and bloody it is easy to become desensitised to the violence, especially when online profiles log the thousands of deaths you miraculously came back from to fight another day.

The “Storm of Steel” Battlefield 1 trailer which I have unceremoniously stolen from Westie, takes a step in the right direction; not just in terms of respecting the millions of men who gave their lives in WW1, but also in terms of re-sensitising the players to what they are actually doing.

What struck me, other than the brutality of the combat, was the effectiveness of the respawn system implemented. When you die on the front line, which you are expected to do, your screen lights up with the soldier’s name and their horrendously shortened life span before you assume control of a different soldier.

Skip to 8:26 to get a better idea of what it would have felt like, when the trench whistles were blown and the line pushed ever forward, over the bodies of hundreds of fallen comrades.
The trailer ends with an iconic scene, definitely stolen from Saving Private Ryan, where the two “enemies” lay their arms down and walk away from the senseless bloodletting. A simple but powerful message about the value of human life.

I have maximum respect for Dice after seeing this trailer. They managed to advertise their game whilst actually giving us gamers something to think about for once. It’s not all about the flashy graphics and realistic animations, lets just hope the rest of Dice‘s “War Stories” are told as well as this one.

The only complaint I have, and it’s a small one: is that the narrator is undoubtedly American. Forgive me for being patriotic, but shouldn’t there be an Englishman talking?

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