My Guilty Pleasure…

It was a little bit exposing going to the pub quiz the other week. Questions came up based on music, TV, politics, sports – all of which I approached with the same gormless look. It raised the more personal question: Am I losing my mind? And also: What could be taking up all my memory space?

Skipping swiftly and awkwardly over the first question for the time being; I sat down, loaded up a YouTube video, and had a good hard ponder. And then, after an embarrassingly long time thinking, I formulated a potential cause for my inadequate general knowledge.

When you get home from work, or university, or school, what do you do? The answer will range dramatically, but I can almost guarantee there will  be some form of TV watching at some point. Now there may be issues attached to watching too much TV, but you can’t deny that TV is the key to ultimate pub quiz wisdom.

Personally, when I get home I watch YouTube. No TV, just YouTube. YouTube has developed through the years from a simple video sharing site to a multi-billion dollar platform on which entire businesses are based. As such, it comes as no surprise that there are some half decent YouTube channels about – a lot of them based around gaming.

Instead of banging on further about my brain being abducted by YouTube, I’m going to bang on about the best gaming YouTubers to drain away your waking hours binge watching.

In no particular order:

  1. Playstation Access – 1,267,676 subscribersplaystation-access

    A team of 4 very normal, very relatable, very funny Brits who frequently post videos about upcoming games. After 2 years of watching their content I no longer go there for the games. I go there each Monday for the community feedback show “Access Granted” to hear their reactions to the comment section, and then to watch them get unhinged playing 1V1 mini games. Also Rob’s “Friday features” are always full of nostalgia… and terrible puns, but he delivers them perfectly.

  2.  The Russian Badger – 479,638 subscribersrussian-badger

    This guy is a genius. An ex-battlefield YouTuber with a full time job – he now posts sarcastic game reviews roughly once every 3-4 weeks detailing all the daft things he found whilst playing. He talks like he doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but he has one of the most dedicated fan bases and its clear from the quality of his content that he loves making videos.

  3. Zerkaa – 2,473,382 subscriberszerkaa

    Probably one of the most understated sidemen (a YouTuber group), Zerkaa (or Josh) has a quieter, calmer approach to gaming than most. He posts daily ‘Lets Play’ style videos on current and old games, with a large focus on Fifa. He often posts collaborative videos playing multiplayer games with the sidemen – its best to watch Zerkaa play instead of KSI since KSI’s GTA racing makes me want to bang my head against a wall (translation: Zerkaa is quite good at video games).

  4. FRANKIEonPC – 3,335,817 subscribersfrankieonpc

    Formerly “in 1080p” – Frankie has his own style of videos which aren’t for everyone. An intelligent guy and a fearsome gamer, he plays survival games and creates his own narrative, often bouncing jokes and comments off his friend and fellow YouTuber: Sada. Frankie’s videos are slow paced and long but he somehow manages to captivate his audience using his wit and some incredible video editing to tell a compelling story.

  5. FightinCowboy – 316,471 subscribersfightincowboy

    My least well known entry with only 316K subs, the FightinCowboy definitely plays the most. This guy is always livestreaming! He is my no.1 Dark Souls YouTuber, often posting 3 entire playthroughs of each game: first a ‘Lets Play’ for first impressions, second a ‘Walkthrough’ to hoover up all the items, and third a “Drunkthrough” where he literally just gets drunk and burps his way through the game. Its completely repulsive, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to do my own “Drunkthrough”!


Honourable mentions: Outside Xbox – the older brother of Playstation Access; StoneMountain64 – plays Battlefield and chats army lingo over the mike; and Escapist; – possibly the most offensive video games reviewer in the world!

You can complain about having too much TV to catch up on, but some of these channels post several times a day! I don’t have time to learn what the capital of Zimbabwe is, or who the prime minister is, or what my own name is…

‘Neways, gotta scoot – spent way too much time writing this and now I have 10-15 new videos to catch up on.

See you at the pub quiz!



2 thoughts on “My Guilty Pleasure…

  1. One of the most relatable articles I have ever read. YouTube is a fantastic platform and I literally cannot get enough, but as a result my retention of what would be considered ‘general knowledge’ inevitably suffers.

    That said, YouTube channels like Vsauce, Veritasium, CGP Grey and Lastweek Tonight are all, in my view, far more intellectually stimulating than anything on TV and the likes of Playstation Access and the AngryJoeShow are comedy gold if you enjoy gaming. I would also, personally, add VaatiVidya and Epic Name Bro to my list of favourite YouTube channels: both provide amazing and in depth lore videos on the games in the Souls’ series – an endless source of entertainment.

    Personally, I think the loss of a bit of general – but otherwise pretty useless – knowledge in favour of witty comedy and intriguing scientific and political analyses is a happy compromise.

    Thanks for another enjoyable article Tom. Keep it up!


    1. I need to watch more VSauce. Chainwatching Zerkaa videos certainly doesn’t make me any smarter, but I find YouTube gaming presents a unique insight into interesting lives and personalities which I often find far more entertaining than the content itself.

      Thanks for the feedback Ryan!

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