“Replayability” and approaching older games

Ahhhhh it feels so good to be able to write without inhibition. I’m enjoying freelancing, but it’s hard to keep things fluid when all I want to do is blurt out my unqualified opinions of things!


In the lull between getting bored of Forza Horizon 3 and waiting cross legged on the carpet for Battlefield 1 to release; I’ve been looking through ever my growing games library. I played through Call of Duty (CoD) Advanced Warfare (2014) which I remembered to have the best campaign since the revolutionizer (CoD 4), and what d’you know! It was just as good the second time! I’ve since started playing through Black Ops 3 again cooperatively with my Dad, which is frankly hilarious, but that’s for another post.

The point I’m not making very well is that I’ve been returning to games which require little time commitment and effort – a great solution for winding down – if you get chilled out by machine gun fire and fictional, yet explicit genocide… Also they both have outstanding graphics – so I have something pretty to look at whilst I harness minimal brain power.



Replayability is apparently not a word. However its meaning in a gaming sense infers that the game in question has qualities that make you want to play it more than once. When online gaming and irresponsible money allocation (spend all earnings on games) weren’t a thing I played games I owned multiple times and enjoyed doing so. I don’t know if that’s more of a reflection on the type of person I am, but I’m pretty sure it was the done thing fullstop! Nowadays I have to, 1. Really love that game and, 2. Have literally nothing better to do before I hit the ‘new game’ button again. I tried in vain to rekindle the Dark Souls 3 fire, and to requisition myself into starting XCOM: Enemy Unknown again but I just couldn’t face tackling and failing at the same challenges again. Call me a quitter, but if I’m playing for the familiarity I want it to be warm and friendly, like a long lost friend; not unrelenting and painful, like constantly reliving a punch to the goolies.

When a videogame journalist talks about replayability they usually draw attention to multiple paths and player choice within a game. When I talk about replayability I’m considering whether I can play the game the same way as last time and still enjoy it…


Approaching older games

When it comes to older games I usually don’t bother going back and finding out what I missed. Graphics quickly get left behind, and often that’s the only thing games had going for them at the time! With that in mind I am often reluctant to pay a negligible price for a perfectly good game – I’d rather dish out my life savings for something new and beautiful but potentially flawed.

Where old games are concerned I tend to go back to those which give me direct nostalgia – not to the age of gaming but to that specific game. My laptop is clogged with old games I redownloaded during Steam sales. A couple of happy exceptions to this rule are Bioshock and XCOM Enemy Unknown, each of which I missed and each of which I loved years after their release. Of course both are too long and complex for me to return to, but it’s refreshing to know I can still branch out!



So lately with the internet lit up concerning the announcement of a ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ a large part of me wants to play this critically renowned game, but the little man inside me pointing at pretty butterflies is obstinately holding me back.

So should I fetch my Xbox 360 and pick up Red Dead Redemption for a fiver?

Egh… I think I’ll wait til Autumn 2017 and buy the new one for £50 thanks!


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