Tulley’s Farm – Money Well Spent

If there’s something to know about me, it’s that I’m a complete and utter wuss. Theme parks terrify me, minibeasts make my skin crawl, and I watch horror movies with my hands clasped around my face. It’s safe to say I was dreading going to “Shocktoberfest” (definitely not Munich inspired).

However on arriving I was put immediately at ease.


I went to Tulley’s Farm last night with a group of my closest friends, a number of which are also massive scaredy cats. When we entered the festival a demon on stilts was the first thing we saw. She stood there, stock still until Becca entered (a prime target apparently). A lightning fast bend at the hip and a frighteningly realistic hiss and Becca was a wreck. This not only reassured me I wasn’t the only jump scare prone member of the group, it set the theme for the night.

My theory is that Becca’s boyfriend Tristan sent a group email to all the actors reminding them to be extra scary around her. As soon as someone screams, the other actors come running like bloodhounds, or zombies…

For those uninformed of the layout, Tulley’s Farm is transformed around Halloween to host 8 different scare events along with food halls, rides and other entertainment. It is relatively expensive, but well worth doing once in a lifetime – if you’re not: (cue ominous voice) epileptic, asthmatic, pregnant or suffer from a nervous disposition.


Each experience attempts to prey on a different fear, with all of them taking heavy influence from slasher, thriller and psychological horror movies. Actors are unpredictable with some in plain sight giving you malevolent stares, some showing no interest in you at all as they continue with their creepy activities, and some which go out of their way to jump you. They are very effective at their roles and the makeup work is often good enough to be on a movie set.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I’d fully recommend you visit all of them. Hell-Ements, one which Becca was especially bad with and which Roya point blank refused to do, played on your sense of claustrophobia as you are blindfolded and sent into the depths of hell. Horrorwood Hayride is a trailer ride through the woods of a zombie Hollywood where the actors jump onto the carriage and interact with you. My favourite however was the Coven of 13 where I finally agreed to lead the group. It had everything: the jump scares, the psychological horror and the incredible atmosphere built up using sound effects and smoke.

The scariest is undoubtedly the Chop Shop, I don’t know if it was because I was at the back, but I got severely targeted by some of the scariest actors I’ve ever seen. It was the only time I actually got hysterical! The Colony is also incredible, however we managed to double-back on ourselves when the visibility got poor and bumped into the group behind – slightly ruining the oppressive atmosphere with hilarity.


If you are thinking of going to Tulley’s Farm, definitely go as a group, because seeing everyone’s reactions was absolutely priceless. Tom liked to stare down the zombies, whilst George and I developed a nervous whimper when something unsettling occurred. It really brought back to days when I used to host horror movie nights.

Maybe this Halloween I’ll get everyone together infront of The Grudge again… If they’re not too horrored out from last night!



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