A Resolute 2017

A life lesson I keep having to revise is to attain a balance in every aspect of it. The three main pillars of productivity in my unstable lifestyle at the moment are: job searching, working, and socialising. These often come tumbling down in a wave of procrastination due to unchecked emotions, lack of organisation and by having an imbalance of the three. Make one pillar taller than the others and how do you keep the structure from toppling over?

By putting my all into work, or into gym I find myself slacking with my writing and my job searching. So since the first two seem a bit daunting to sort out in a year, my resolution is to acquire a balance, which in hindsight does require some organisation… But not only that; I want to find a balance where I can set time aside without stressing about everything else that needs doing.

Travelling alone in 2016 was difficult, but I became more productive and my stress levels dropped considerably. There is no pressure put on my shoulders that I haven’t put there myself, and while I believe that willing myself to be better and more successful in my endeavors is a good thing, the expectations need to be realistic.

I watched a fascinating interview of Tom Bilyeu on Inside Quest who outlined the problem with social and intellectual development of millennial youths linked to modern technology and social media. I’ll link it below in case you haven’t seen it. The strongest relation I could make to my own life, other than being impatient, was the lack of social skills attributed to reliance on phones and other electronic devices. My personal addiction to checking my phone, and the pheromones released on seeing I’ve received a text are quite alarming.

Therefore on top of finding a balance in 2017, I’d like to become less reliant on my phone and more attentive to the situations around me. With general culture requiring a more or less constant connection to the internet this may be difficult, especially considering the job field I am trying to get in to, but I’d like to become less of a slave to my phone related pheromones–to look at my phone only when I have an actual reason for doing so, and certainly not mid-conversation!

This New Years was one of the best I’ve ever had. Not because it was extravagant, but because we got the balance just right. A small party with games and music and some of my favourite people in the world. No big night out, no drama, no dashed expectations–just a night to focus on the people. To make sure 2016 had a happy ending.

And whilst 2016 has been a rough year, I can look optimistically onward, because 2016 has been a year for breaking and strengthening bonds. Like with muscle fibres; the rips and tears make an ultimately stronger tissue. You just have to be patient, weather the pain and don’t give up. The bonds of friendship and family are stronger than they’ve ever been, and for that reason I can’t really discard 2016, like I would a bloody tissue after a punch in the face. I’ll keep the tissue, not because it has any material value, but because I can study it and learn from it.

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