The Empty Commuter Train

Ft. autocorrect may happen

This time last Monday I was quaking in my shiny shoes in the heart of London. Today I sit on a humble commuter train, quaking an equal amount — not just because I start a 3 month internship, but also because I’ve shaved!

Yup, another week, another change. My chin is forming the  customary morning icicles I assume all bald chins get. In all seriousness, I’m expecting to get a cold trying to acclimatise. I almost miss the packed London tubes, there’s far too much personal space! A good omen: I didn’t cut myself shaving, but then I’ve yet to be shat on my a seagull — this is Brighton after all — so I’m not going to count my chickens yet.

After a week in the Seven offices I feel marginally more equipped than before, but this doesn’t change the fact I cannot know what to expect. It’s kinda exciting though! So I’ll slip on the black shoes again, zip my jacket past my chin, and get ready to learn!

Stay tuned for the story about when I went speed dating… *Insert tragic laughing face*

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