Doing things in halves

There’s two big things I’ve been thinking about recently. Well two non-internship ‘vocational’ things (let’s call them): Running, and Gaming exclusivity…

Ahhhh we talked about gaming last week, let’s talk about the former, more mainstream conversation topic.

But it wouldn’t be a Hydeaway blog without a seemingly pointless tangent first…

Attempting to add a deeper meaning to a shallow blog

Hands up if you’re like me and you frequently half commit to things, then get cold feet, quit, and buy some deep heat to rub into your frosty toes for some temporary relief.

I’m an absolute sucker for this kind of behaviour. Call me a millennial, but the second I get bored of something I begin looking for the next shiny amusement. A bit like a spoiled child going off his Christmas present on Boxing day.

Maybe it’s science. To gravitate towards the path of least resistance. Diffusion of emotional/intellectual effort from an area of high effort to one with cuddly toys and icecream.

You may remember, over New Years I resolved to find a lifestyle balance. The problem is, there’s just so many things I want to be doing all at the same time. So many things I want to put 100% into.

It’s like being at University again at the fresher’s fair, looking at all the clubs to join and calculating the thousands of hours a week they’d collectively consume…

Truth is, you have to make choices (disgusted face) on what to go 100% at, what to occasionally dabble in and what to cut out entirely. And I think this is why I get bored of things–because I’m already thinking of something else I should be doing.

Or maybe it’s something entirely different. Maybe it’s a defeatist attitude. I got good at Tennis when I was young, bailed out on that when I got tired of losing matches; got good at Badminton at Uni, never went to squad trials for fear of rejection; went for Vice-captain instead of Captain in 3rd year–OK let’s be honest I’d have been a lousy captain, but I was never willing to find that out for myself.

Or could it be self preservation?

None are particularly positive traits. At least we’ve identified some potential problems.

What’s my solution?

To run a HALF marathon

I kid. Well… not about the half marathon, I’m gunna give that 100%, even if a real runner would call it 50.

It’s a definite step.

Because I feel people like me need to be decisive and apply themselves 100% to situations where it would be easier to quit. Else we just bumble along existing without true direction or purpose.

High talk for someone who’s currently celebrating a short run with a weighty portion of Ben & Jerry’s.

I thought you found running boring!

No… I just can’t be bothered to go running on my own. It’s not something I want to dedicate swathes of my life to, although I’ve heard it’s ultimately meant to be great for productivity, but it’s something I can dabble in.

My best mate (confusingly also named Tom–deal with it) and I set a short route many years back, and started timing ourselves. We must have been about 15 years old when we first ran it.

It’s a fantastic motivator to push yourself, building a route, because you’re essentially racing against the best version of yourself.

It’s a beautiful route too. A quick jog through an affluent housing area takes you straight to the seafront. Take a deep breath passing the water treatment works (I know, I’m not really selling it), then look up to see the Eastbourne pier majestically lit up in the distance–a worthy half way point.

Due to environmental factors such as Tom’s gimpy knee and my predilection for baked goods, we haven’t to this day achieved a sub-40 minute time for our 5.8 mile route. It’s a work in progress. I’m feeling good about this year.

Bit late notice doing a half marathon isn’t it?

You’d be right there.

My training so far has consisted of one 5.8 mile jog (which wrecked my hips btw), a 2 mile run, and a 20 minute session on the treadmill. Suffice to say I’m not collecting for charity this time round.

Having said that, my inner winner (or wiener, if you replace the first ‘n’) is already considering challenging the times of my run loving friends. I might need a replacement pelvis after this egotistical facade.

Is a 1 hour 50 minute half marathon doable for a string bean like me with minimal prep?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I haven’t even signed up yet, still got that door ajar, maybe I’m only giving this 99%…

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