Having a project

[photo thanks to Becmac]

How’d the half marathon go?

I so frequently write a title or introduce a meaningful topic of conversation then segway merrily away for the rest of my reader’s attention span.

It’s something I’m learning to cut down on with my copywriting – the rambling, and keeping focused. The thing is… there’s just too many things to talk about, so I often find: the most productive way to do things is to have a project.

I’d call the half marathon a project. Finished now, so I’ve conveniently stopped running again despite lofty aspirations for future events with -arathon as the suffix (if that can be classed as a suffix, don’t spite me grammar Gods).

[Segway: I made a spelling mistake on the whiteboard at work last week and it still has a red circle around it, courtesy of my boss]

I’ve pretty much spread my half marathon finishing time to everyone by now, whether they wanted to hear it or not, but I will say it went surprisingly well considering the unseasonably windy final push – in a strictly meteorological sense (although you’d think otherwise looking at some of the pictures). running

It’s quite extraordinary what your mind can make your body do at short notice. 13.1 miles to some seems trivial, but I consider it to be a scarily long distance. However, having the crowd’s ongoing support and having the other runners in the space around me made the whole thing seem ordinary, in the most bizarre way.

The distance no longer seems to matter as you’re whisked up on a tide of support (and endorphins). It’s like what I’d expect a pilgrimage would feel like, completely separate from your normal life.

One niggling point if was pushed to make one: never offer haribo to me whilst running – it felt like I was using half my strength chewing the bloody thing. Jelly babies all the way.

The next project

So I’ve got my internship, that’s a project.

It’s the kind of project which is fulfilling intellectually but alone would result in my sporting a hunch back and beer belly combo before long.

We can safely sidestep the whole romantic project – firstly, calling it a project is improper and impersonal, and secondly I’m married to my Minecraft project (updates on that in a month or so).

I’ve endeavored to make a gym timetable which I intend to keep to, but keeping fit isn’t motivating enough for me. I’m sure I’m not the only one to tend towards the comfortable sofa and movie over the smelly crowded gym…

So I had a chat with some friends, probably the people reading this currently, and we booked a Tough Mudder half – and MAN does it look difficult! (And muddy – oh how I’ve missed the mud)

We’d been talking about doing an assault course for a while, but I think what pushed me over the edge was listening to a running podcast where the hosts are constantly looking for new challenges to conquer and interesting people to interview.

In addition, I’d love to do a marathon next year – so just a heads up to keep a fiver aside, ‘cos that bad boy is going to be a charity run… Not till 2018 though, I’ve a prolonged goodbye to make to my terrible eating habits first.

Other random stuff I’ve been thinking about…

OK so it’s probably for another blog, but I just downloaded Pokemon GO for the first time. You may remember my blog from last summer (bit of a depressing read if you ask me). The thing is, I never actually owned it myself. So incoming on a “Return of the Pokewalk” soon. You heard it here first. Obviously.

*gaming alert*

Also I’ve had some thoughts on PC exclusives which really need to get ported over to console. The sub-genre Battle Royale looks a load of fun, from Arma 3 to H1Z1 and now Battlegrounds – I’ve watched the sidemen play it, and now I want some Hunger Games style survival gameplay in my life.

So there you have it. A blog post with some tangents, and some off-topic ramblings to add cheese to the Bolognese, so to speak.

As everyone says in Youtube videos and never means it:

I love you guys – except I actually do mean it because you’re all my friends.

Cheerio now.

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