Finding the right job

I had a bit of a cry this morning.

It took me completely by surprise since I’m only really known to blub during movies. I’m not fussy, it can be a terribly sad film or an exceedingly happy one – my point is, I never seem to get weepy over things IRL (that’s ‘In Real Life’… btw).

I was just overwhelmed with joy – not for myself, but for my Mum.

Genuine sad times

It was in 2012 when my Grandma died of cancer – my Mum’s Mum that is.

In the years since, Mum and her brother, my Uncle Peter, have been through hell seeing Grandpa suffer from psychosis, looking after him and trying to keep a semblance of structure to everyday life.

Since then Mum’s school has (for want of a better phrase) gone down the shitter. I mean… an ex-student (we suspect) set it alight last year! Not only this but the pressure teachers (in general) have been put under in recent years by daft policies has caused professionals to quit in droves.

You’ve probably heard the pleading advertisements on the radio attempting to recruit new teachers.

Suffice to say, Mum’s been pretty stressed. This year alone she’s been off sick at least three times, and every day she comes home with fresh horror stories. The Hyde household hasn’t been the cheeriest place to live in!

The good news

Around Christmas time Mum handed in her notice, but was told she’d have to continue until Easter.

It’s been a countdown clock since then, but as time drew steadily on an immense pressure has begun to ease itself from her shoulders.

This last week of term there has been actual visible effects. Mum’s come home smiling, the colour back in her face and the light returned to her eyes. She has no idea what her next career move will be – she’s just relieved to be out.

What’s more, Grandpa is doing pretty well now, all things considered!

Finding the right job

So, Monday morning, another week begins.

I’m sitting eating my cereal, it’s a work from home day so I’ve had a bit of a lie in. Lovely.

Mum enters the room and starts talking about her plans for the day… and I just snap. I don’t think she noticed but I was gone, that was it.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a sense of relief on anyone’s behalf. I’m just so glad that’s done with!


What I intend to take from this, is to never be in a situation where I’m working a job I hate. All this time I’ve been worried about not being in a career building job, but what any job searcher should consider (if they have the financial security) is that sometimes unemployment is better than being in the wrong job.

PS: Sorry I haven’t really put the teaching profession in a great light!

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