Embracing Nerd Culture

I just spent the last five minutes looking through the D & D monster manual for the most deadly dragon.

Let’s just say you’d have to roll 41 die just to determine its hit points – OK. I had a bit of a nerd out.

Since we last talked D & D my Dad went out and purchased all three books associated with learning the sacred role playing art… And since appropriating the role of dungeon master (DM) my dining table has started to look a little like this:


There is a level of commitment to running a campaign, and if I haven’t done my homework then the game becomes a bit of a mess. Not enjoyable for anyone really.

I often ponder whether each session may be the last and that maybe my friends will get bored (hasn’t happened yet though!). I’ve also considered that maybe I won’t be able to keep up myself, after which the real world is surely waiting for my return.

I’m positioning myself high up on the nerd scale, but in reality I’m somewhat of a pretender. I have a dismal knowledge of film, I keep up with the football (even went to a couple of local cup finals!) and I do intend to get some semblance of a tan this summer.

However, I am proud to be the nerdiest of my friends, until a contender doth challenge me.

Am I confusing my sadness as nerdiness

Let’s clarify, by sad I mean lame, not upset. Hold the handkerchiefs (shout out to Roo).

Ever heard of live streaming? Facebook live, Twitch etc…

I actually did a live stream last year for charity. 24 hours of gaming – bliss. Thing is, in order to do a live stream you need people to watch you play, and to my surprise we actually had a fair few people give up their time to watch! (Saddos…) It’s actually something I’d love to do again, but maybe later in the year… Or maybe a D&D stream… Cogs are turning here…

I’ve got a bit of a guilty confession to make in regard to live streaming though. I’m slightly addicted to watching other people play video games (another clarification, I mean like watching TV addicted – I’m not that weird). It’s highly likely I’m frying brain cells watching hours of live streams instead of bettering my knowledge or honing a skill but I just can’t help myself.

Another weird area for me is music taste. Most people put on chart hits as a default. To be honest, I do as well. But when I get tired of the same pop songs stuck on repeat I’m aallllll about the video game soundtracks.

I wrote a blog about them before – take a read if you like. 

I also love movie soundtracks, which is considered less weird for some reason.

Go on my laptop and type “y” into the search engine, you’ll be instantly directed to youtube. Then, type “g” into the search bar and the first suggestion will be the gladiator soundtrack.

That’s why when my good friend Rob asked me to accompany him to the Royal Albert Hall to hear the London Philharmonic Orchestra play famous soundtracks, I may have wee’d my pants (I didn’t though).


Orchestral music is the most underrated thing. Seriously, I don’t think there’s anything more moving than a 40 strong group of accomplished musicians playing in perfect harmony.

Just the music alone is emotionally powerful, but having soundtracks played which defined large parts of my life made it that much more potent.

It was like looking back into the past and reliving it again. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and I’m a child again. Gladiator – I’m an insecure teenager, Schindler’s List – back in my most memorable History lesson, Titanic –  and I’m in love for the first time again. The list goes on. It was completely knackering!

There were soundtracks from movies which ANYONE would recognise and love, from old westerns and superhero movies to animated Disney movies (Frozen, basically). If you love music I strongly recommend you make this an event on your calendar for 2018.

Next time…

I’ve realised my blogs are a bit all over the place. I write them a bit like diaries, and often I miss out large, significant parts of my life. Mostly that’s a good thing though, you’ll have to trust me on that. My travel diary from last year is something I’m scared to go back and read even now…

Something I meant to blog about was the Sovereign Saints – Eastbourne’s up and coming champs who won the triple this year (their first year).

More importantly for me, this is my mates’ team. Both Tom and George perform as a heroic front line duo – I’d heard stories, but now I’ve seen it for myself.

Sometime maybe I’ll blog about how I feel like a proud mother standing on the sidelines watching G & T find the back of the net, yet again. Or maybe I’ll blog about how the enthusiasm of three lads lifted the atmosphere of an entire stadium to help the Saints come back from a 2-0 deficit. Or maybe I’ll talk about being offered a voyage on a proper fishing boat.

Let me know what you’re enjoying and I’ll keep writing. Until then though, have a tolerable five day week won’t you.





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