A lifetime’s gaming for one moment

I love spontaneity. Within reason – as in, I love a spontaneous chocolate bar from time to time, and everyone knows a spontaneous night out (whilst messier) is FAR more fun than an organised party.

But sometimes there’s those moments in life when circumstances produce the most absurd opportunities where you just say “screw it, this is probably a terrible idea but I’m doing it anyway.” 

I’ll make things clear.

Just gunna build it up a bit more first.

Since a very young age I’ve been infatuated by video games. Doesn’t matter the genre, I’ll play it till my eyes blur and I start hallucinating. Healthy, I know 🙂

It’s when I was very young, maybe as young as 4, when I wanted to be a race car driver.

Let’s face it, that was never going to happen. Ask Tom about my reaction time during boxing. When we start sparring for real I’m going to be in serious trouble.

Video games I can do though! And racing games were my forte, back in the day,

There’s nothing quite like being at pol position on the grid, watching the lights turn, almost in slow motion.

10 years later and there I am at the wheel of my own car – The Raptor.

I glide around the roundabout effortlessly and pull up in the left hand lane at the lights.

They’ve just turned red.

I see the skimpily clad supermodel strut across the road, pulling a power pose in the centre, black and white chequered flag aloft. Then a car identical to mine stops beside me in the right hand lane.

My heart skips a beat.

I take a quick glance seeing the determined face of the driver. I rev my engine, he revs his louder and now I KNOW it’s on.

The road is clear.

The light turns amber, and all is still.

There’s no false start, we both pull away on green (clearly law abiding citizens) with a snarl of engines.

This is what it truly feels like to be a race car driver.

Within moments I’m up into second gear, then third. My silver rival is ahead of me but he’s flunked a gear change and The Raptor shoots past making 40 mph and DEFINITELY staying at 40mph because that’s the speed limit… ehem…

The race lasts maybe 10-15 seconds and as the other driver passes he gives a friendly beep to acknowledge how stupid, but how much fun that was.

It was just one of those moments which almost seems preordained.

I’m just glad I got in the practice with the manual gears on my Xbox. Finally my gaming has yielded fruit!

Filling in the gaps

OK so there wasn’t a supermodel flagging our race start…

Aaaaaand if you don’t know me that well… You may not be aware that The Raptor is a beautiful red Ford KA. Here’s a picture:


Gorgeous. I know.

Hey. I just wanted it to sound dramatic so left that part out!

Also they had three people in the car, whereas it was just myself and Tom. But to be fair, I’ve gained 5kg in the last month (somehow). And my car has a metric tonne of shit inside.

For 10-15 seconds I became a stereotypical idiot male warranting the high insurance premium. And it’s not something I generally do. But for those 10-15 seconds just doing something spontaneous brought back so much.

The story is coming!

Bet you thought this was going to be a post about Volleyball.


Yeah, that post is coming soon. I’ve got a couple of ideas of angles to put on it. It’ll be worth the wait.

If you’re waiting.

Which I hope you’re not.

There IS one more thing I want to share before I go though.

And it takes me back just as far. Back to my childhood days of make-believe. I’ll link in Ben Singleton for this one – he’ll know why.

For anyone else though. Here’s a really really weird music video. BEWARE. You’ll be yodeling in your head for days:






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