Travelling in pain

How is it going? It’s the question we’ve been asked throughout our travels. A simple, ambiguous question to an outsider, but a weighted one for the informed. I’ll fill the gaps, don’t you worry. Myself? I’m good. Had a second wind after a short bout of homesickness in Vietnam. May have been to do with getting scammed in a (I’ll grudgingly admit) humorous series of … Continue reading Travelling in pain

Hostels, in my experience

I’ve been keeping a diary out here, in the brush, to document my time away so I can look back and remember all the good times on those long, rainy days in Brittania. However, increasingly I’ve noticed I haven’t really been writing about the spectacular places and experiences, but instead about the people and the relationships I’ve made along the way. The reality is, you’re … Continue reading Hostels, in my experience

Running away from Pai

“It’s too touristy” “Too westernised” “You don’t get to see the culture” All statements I’ve rolled my eyes at. Bloody hippies… You’re half way round the world experiencing new things every day (or at least you could be) — try not to be too miserable about it won’t you. An excerpt from my brain. Doubt I’d say something like that out loud. This morning before … Continue reading Running away from Pai

D.I.Y Bangkok

We’ve been in Thailand’s capital four days now and it didn’t take as long to discover — we don’t really fit the system. A budget of £30 per day (including accommodation) shouldn’t be difficult here. But our skin colour, tourist maps and ready cameras paint a picture of opportunity for Thais relying on rich, naive foreigners for their livelihoods. We neither fit the mound of … Continue reading D.I.Y Bangkok

Saying goodbye

On Sunday November 19th I ran the Brighton 10k with Rebecca Macdonald — her partner, Tristan Hoedemaker stayed home, still fighting off what we suspected was a nasty strain of flu. The following week Tristan was rushed to the Conquest Hospital, Hastings in the back of an ambulance. On Monday December 11th I received a text message from Rebecca Hoedemaker, a 23-year-old widow, and one of … Continue reading Saying goodbye

Affordable accommodation during a full moon party – wise or wild?

Booking hostels beforehand should, in theory, be a clever decision. But as anyone who’s slummed it before will know – there’s a fair amount of room for error. The hostel could be bad (that’s anything from too loud and too boring, to crawling with bed bugs), or you could go on a complete tangent and never go to the planned destination at all! We haven’t … Continue reading Affordable accommodation during a full moon party – wise or wild?