24hr Gaming Marathon- The Cause

Tom W So me and thehydeaway are huge gaming fans, so gaming for endless hours is not something unusual for us, but doing it for 24hrs will be like stepping into the unknown. The 24hr gaming marathon, although fun, is ultimately to raise money for a cause that is very close to us, family and friends. The cause being cancer support. Me and my family … Continue reading 24hr Gaming Marathon- The Cause

TheWildHyde Gaming Marathon Extravaganza

Surely all you gamers out there have had fleeting thoughts, in the past, about doing a gaming session with the scope… no, the magnitude to warrant an actual cause. For without a cause there would be no purpose to the suffering… On Sunday 19th June Time TBC – likely 9am (GMT+1) Until the same time on Monday. All live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thehydeaway For this valiant couch slouching adventure I could … Continue reading TheWildHyde Gaming Marathon Extravaganza