Fight day!

Things got real pretty damn fast over the last week! We got matched up with our opponents, I managed to guess a fair few matchups and for the most part, I think the coaches did a great job. Tomorrow evening is going to be incredible to watch… …if you like boxing anyway. Tickets are still available on the website if you wanted to spectate.  I … Continue reading Fight day!

The screw it stage – week 3 UWCB

It’s been a pretty successful week. My body doesn’t agree but bar the wrist injury I’m sticking at it with more spirit than I should do – considering I’m essentially getting beaten up in my spare time. Skipped the Thursday session on account of my sprain then went on Saturday morning instead, despite there being very little change in the wrist thus far. It became … Continue reading The screw it stage – week 3 UWCB

Scared to sneeze – Week 1 UWCB

“One sneeze and it’s a standing count for Tom ‘ the playdough body’ Hyde.” Session one of week one whooshed by as I sat at home in my dressing gown. Not my fighting gown with gold trim and phallus’  sewn into the back. ‘Twas my trusty old bathrobe. I’m going to be honest with you. I’m annoyed. It’s been a week since sparring and I … Continue reading Scared to sneeze – Week 1 UWCB

A Cannonball through the chest – whitecollar training week 0

Two hours after our first briefing and my resolve has already been tested… Hi all. I’m embarking on a journey of pain and suffering, for the cause of all those suffering ten times, one hundred times worse than me with no reward. No silver lining, no hint of gold at the end of the rainbow. One of the first things the UWCB representative said to … Continue reading A Cannonball through the chest – whitecollar training week 0

We need YOU

Whatever the obstacle, whatever the challenge, my brain works the same way. Stay chilled whilst the challenge is distant. Y’know when you can almost close your thumb and forefinger around its blurred outline. Relax. No need to try so hard! But as the big day looms, the true implications of what we’ve decided (and paid) to put ourselves through gains some unwelcome clarity. It’s almost … Continue reading We need YOU

24hr Gaming Marathon- The Cause

Tom W So me and thehydeaway are huge gaming fans, so gaming for endless hours is not something unusual for us, but doing it for 24hrs will be like stepping into the unknown. The 24hr gaming marathon, although fun, is ultimately to raise money for a cause that is very close to us, family and friends. The cause being cancer support. Me and my family … Continue reading 24hr Gaming Marathon- The Cause

TheWildHyde Gaming Marathon Extravaganza

Surely all you gamers out there have had fleeting thoughts, in the past, about doing a gaming session with the scope… no, the magnitude to warrant an actual cause. For without a cause there would be no purpose to the suffering… On Sunday 19th June Time TBC – likely 9am (GMT+1) Until the same time on Monday. All live on Twitch: For this valiant couch slouching adventure I could … Continue reading TheWildHyde Gaming Marathon Extravaganza