Why ‘From Software’ and ‘CD Projekt Red’ ruined gaming for me

I can’t be one of those people who commits 100% to the world of gaming. For one, it’s an expensive pastime, and I’ve a chronic need to spend all available change on food. Really though, it’s because I’ve got critical (or fussy) about the games I play. Nowadays I consult dozens of reviews before making a purchase just to make sure there’s no surprises – … Continue reading Why ‘From Software’ and ‘CD Projekt Red’ ruined gaming for me

Have Playstation done it again?

It’s that time of year again. The time when gaming fans inundate themselves in syrupy hype over the unreleased skeletons of games they probably won’t buy. The time when the non-gaming community are harassed online by adverts and trailers as large corporations chuck money at Google to make their products visible. You (probably didn’t) guessed it! Another E3 has come and gone. The excitement of … Continue reading Have Playstation done it again?

It’s Souls Season

It was late February I posted a picture of myself, freshly shaven and understandably apprehensive. I sit here before you now, three months later, equally apprehensive at what lies in store. Why is this? My writing has improved, I’ve learned a tonne of new skills and I’ve finally decided on a direction to fly. Thing is – I’m yet to leave the nest. Up until now … Continue reading It’s Souls Season

Russian Dolls – Explaining games to girls

Wow Tom… That’s a provocative title – I’d almost call it click bait. It was unintentional though I promise! Let’s just make this clear. Said ‘girls’ are very old friends, I’m just a sucker for a bit of alliteration in my titles! Sorry to disappoint. …and that’s how SHE felt when I enthusiastically exclaimed I’d be writing a blog about MINECRAFT this evening – disappointed. Because my … Continue reading Russian Dolls – Explaining games to girls

Literal Insomnia… 59

Sitting at a laptop you don’t really absorb a lot of gaming culture. There’s only so many PC vs Console debates, and poorly phrased click-bait articles I can sarcastically comment on… So I thought I’d get tickets to an actual gaming convention–an extension of my travelling induced, post-break up pro-activity. In the months leading up to Insomnia 59 (the convention in question) I reacquainted myself … Continue reading Literal Insomnia… 59

Her Majesty’s Spiffing!

I’ve recently been doing some bits and bobs for a website called Xbox Sector–mainly opinion articles, much like on my own blog, but I also write news articles and more recently: reviews. Whilst most of the codes I get are for simple indie games rather than expensive AAA titles, it’s given me an opportunity to play some games I wouldn’t normally buy. I have a … Continue reading Her Majesty’s Spiffing!

Playing Video Games with Dad

It’s plain to see I’m at an odd stage in life. Degree finished, travelling done, no ties what-so-ever, and I’m back at home living the comfortable life. Job searching is the bane of any unemployed existence, and it is for mine, but I have a job! I don’t think many sons are able to work in a family business. Not having the same fearful respect employees often have … Continue reading Playing Video Games with Dad

Battlefield 1 – Review

Since seeing the reveal trailer earlier this year I’ve been cheering Battlefield 1 on – willing it to do well, daring it to live up to my lofty expectations. My confidence in DICE took a knock when Star Wars Battlefront lacked content and depth, but I’m delighted to announce that they certainly learned a lesson because Battlefield 1 is the best game I’ve played in years. … Continue reading Battlefield 1 – Review