Where will you be at 50?

It’s a bit of a grey area. When the phrase half century starts being thrown about and we begin comparing our ages to tortoises… Hang on, people don’t do that? Anyway, to my point: Is Mum going to appreciate me telegraphing her age now she’s reached the big five-O? Whenever we’d ask Grandpa about his age, he always claimed to be twenty-four. So I’m half expecting … Continue reading Where will you be at 50?

Saying goodbye

On Sunday November 19th I ran the Brighton 10k with Rebecca Macdonald — her partner, Tristan Hoedemaker stayed home, still fighting off what we suspected was a nasty strain of flu. The following week Tristan was rushed to the Conquest Hospital, Hastings in the back of an ambulance. On Monday December 11th I received a text message from Rebecca Hoedemaker, a 23-year-old widow, and one of … Continue reading Saying goodbye

The path to becoming a gardener

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall into the job. There. That was an easy blog to write… After all that was my path into gardening. However, at the age of 15 I wouldn’t have called myself a gardener. I was a little on the weedy side (pardon the pun) with no coordination – largely thanks to my slightly alarming growth spurts – and … Continue reading The path to becoming a gardener

Pushing your limits

It’s inspiring discovering first hand just how far people can push their bodies and minds to achieve the unimaginable. Today Lucy and Abhinav ran 26.7 miles up and down the muddy trails of the Purbeck marathon and still managed to look photogenic on the finish line. Yesterday Roya (accountant, and hater of both exercise and dirt) braved the Tough Mudder Half, not only tackling all … Continue reading Pushing your limits

Real Life Character Building

The other week I talked about turning 24, the impending (but possibly mythical) quarter life crisis, and the life goals to tick off before becoming a ‘real man’. Grrr… I’m getting there. One of Dad’s clients told me I was “getting my man face”. I never found out if that was a compliment… Just kinda said “yup”, smiled, then continued to look busy. It’s odd. … Continue reading Real Life Character Building

A lifetime’s gaming for one moment

I love spontaneity. Within reason – as in, I love a spontaneous chocolate bar from time to time, and everyone knows a spontaneous night out (whilst messier) is FAR more fun than an organised party. But sometimes there’s those moments in life when circumstances produce the most absurd opportunities where you just say “screw it, this is probably a terrible idea but I’m doing it anyway.”  … Continue reading A lifetime’s gaming for one moment

Why our last day of holiday wasn’t sad…

Oh man… I’m still curled in the fetal position right now – missing the heat, the sounds, the smells, the music, the culture, the constant companionship, the mosquito provoked insomnia, the endless application of factor 50… Ahhh… It wasn’t an adventurous holiday, it was safe and lazy and slightly alcoholic – but it was perfect and it presented plenty of opportunity for hilarity. But I’ll … Continue reading Why our last day of holiday wasn’t sad…