The screw it stage – week 3 UWCB

It’s been a pretty successful week. My body doesn’t agree but bar the wrist injury I’m sticking at it with more spirit than I should do – considering I’m essentially getting beaten up in my spare time. Skipped the Thursday session on account of my sprain then went on Saturday morning instead, despite there being very little change in the wrist thus far. It became … Continue reading The screw it stage – week 3 UWCB

Scared to sneeze – Week 1 UWCB

“One sneeze and it’s a standing count for Tom ‘ the playdough body’ Hyde.” Session one of week one whooshed by as I sat at home in my dressing gown. Not my fighting gown with gold trim and phallus’  sewn into the back. ‘Twas my trusty old bathrobe. I’m going to be honest with you. I’m annoyed. It’s been a week since sparring and I … Continue reading Scared to sneeze – Week 1 UWCB

A Cannonball through the chest – whitecollar training week 0

Two hours after our first briefing and my resolve has already been tested… Hi all. I’m embarking on a journey of pain and suffering, for the cause of all those suffering ten times, one hundred times worse than me with no reward. No silver lining, no hint of gold at the end of the rainbow. One of the first things the UWCB representative said to … Continue reading A Cannonball through the chest – whitecollar training week 0

Where will you be at 50?

It’s a bit of a grey area. When the phrase half century starts being thrown about and we begin comparing our ages to tortoises… Hang on, people don’t do that? Anyway, to my point: Is Mum going to appreciate me telegraphing her age now she’s reached the big five-O? Whenever we’d ask Grandpa about his age, he always claimed to be twenty-four. So I’m half expecting … Continue reading Where will you be at 50?

Saying goodbye

On Sunday November 19th I ran the Brighton 10k with Rebecca Macdonald — her partner, Tristan Hoedemaker stayed home, still fighting off what we suspected was a nasty strain of flu. The following week Tristan was rushed to the Conquest Hospital, Hastings in the back of an ambulance. On Monday December 11th I received a text message from Rebecca Hoedemaker, a 23-year-old widow, and one of … Continue reading Saying goodbye