You can run but you can’t Hyde – Boxing week 6-7

For the last seven weeks, my life has been consumed by this event. I’m leaping out of my comfort zone… or maybe I’m clutching to the diving board I foolishly slipped from. That’s probably a more accurate analogy. Although I’ve attended maybe half the recommended training sessions, and suffered injuries some would have shrugged off and bulldozed through horns first, I’m ready for the final … Continue reading You can run but you can’t Hyde – Boxing week 6-7

Highs and Lows – Boxing weeks 4 & 5

Look at that goofy mug. Donate £5 to cancer research and he’ll stand up and smile properly in the next picture…  No jokes, I’m doing pretty badly in terms of every responsibility bestowed upon me by the UWCB guys… Donations are under the target (£0.00), ticket sales aren’t sorted yet, and I’ve been out of training all week! It’s not that I haven’t been … Continue reading Highs and Lows – Boxing weeks 4 & 5

Hostels, in my experience

I’ve been keeping a diary out here, in the brush, to document my time away so I can look back and remember all the good times on those long, rainy days in Brittania. However, increasingly I’ve noticed I haven’t really been writing about the spectacular places and experiences, but instead about the people and the relationships I’ve made along the way. The reality is, you’re … Continue reading Hostels, in my experience