Why is everyone walking backwards – Writing challenge 1

So a man approached me today – stopped his car right beside me. Driving forwards he was! I was almost too flummoxed to answer his question, and what a peculiar question it was… “Why in God’s name is everyone walking backwards!” He exclaimed, right in my face  – before I could politely turn my back to him. He must have been a hermit, or deranged, … Continue reading Why is everyone walking backwards – Writing challenge 1

Why ‘From Software’ and ‘CD Projekt Red’ ruined gaming for me

I can’t be one of those people who commits 100% to the world of gaming. For one, it’s an expensive pastime, and I’ve a chronic need to spend all available change on food. Really though, it’s because I’ve got critical (or fussy) about the games I play. Nowadays I consult dozens of reviews before making a purchase just to make sure there’s no surprises – … Continue reading Why ‘From Software’ and ‘CD Projekt Red’ ruined gaming for me

Have Playstation done it again?

It’s that time of year again. The time when gaming fans inundate themselves in syrupy hype over the unreleased skeletons of games they probably won’t buy. The time when the non-gaming community are harassed online by adverts and trailers as large corporations chuck money at Google to make their products visible. You (probably didn’t) guessed it! Another E3 has come and gone. The excitement of … Continue reading Have Playstation done it again?

It’s Souls Season

It was late February I posted a picture of myself, freshly shaven and understandably apprehensive. I sit here before you now, three months later, equally apprehensive at what lies in store. Why is this? My writing has improved, I’ve learned a tonne of new skills and I’ve finally decided on a direction to fly. Thing is – I’m yet to leave the nest. Up until now … Continue reading It’s Souls Season

The Run of Penance

Our ‘great nation’ is a bit on the boozy side don’t you think? We work hard during the week to earn a living, we work to be rewarded at the end by an exciting Friday evening and wholesome, relaxing weekend. Instead, come Friday, we fritter away half our wage on alcohol and spend the rest of the weekend clutching our abdomens in severe regret. Of course this isn’t … Continue reading The Run of Penance

Our first ever game of D&D

  The Forgotten Realms have been uncovered. Those who were shunned and tortured before are now like kings and queens – regal and powerful beings who look perishingly down on the common folk. The foolish folk who struggle in vain to learn the intricacies of a game from ages past. I’m of course talking about Dungeons and Dragons. The game everyone’s heard of but few have played. The game created … Continue reading Our first ever game of D&D