Travelling in pain

How is it going? It’s the question we’ve been asked throughout our travels. A simple, ambiguous question to an outsider, but a weighted one for the informed. I’ll fill the gaps, don’t you worry. Myself? I’m good. Had a second wind after a short bout of homesickness in Vietnam. May have been to do with getting scammed in a (I’ll grudgingly admit) humorous series of … Continue reading Travelling in pain

D.I.Y Bangkok

We’ve been in Thailand’s capital four days now and it didn’t take as long to discover — we don’t really fit the system. A budget of £30 per day (including accommodation) shouldn’t be difficult here. But our skin colour, tourist maps and ready cameras paint a picture of opportunity for Thais relying on rich, naive foreigners for their livelihoods. We neither fit the mound of … Continue reading D.I.Y Bangkok

Bite-sized Travelling

Travelling is expensive. Travelling is tiring. Travelling is challenging, both physically and mentally. However, of the brief experience I’ve had, I can say with conviction that despite the hardships, travelling is unequivocally worth it. I have a respectful admiration for those who can drop everything and let the wind take them. Esther, my younger sister, is one such traveler. I’d never really considered travelling until reading her … Continue reading Bite-sized Travelling

How I spent a week in Provence.

As a gamer, much of my free time is spent exploring fantastical worlds from a 3rd person perspective. However for the past month I have taken up the wanderer’s mantle, venturing beyond the far flung boundaries of my home town: Eastbourne, and into the outer world. Me talking about travelling Travelling Europe alone is incredibly tough. You are responsible for keeping yourself fed, accommodated, and most … Continue reading How I spent a week in Provence.